Website Management/Maintenance

Irrespective of the brand and cost of your new suits, you need to wash or dry clean and press it if you want it to look better and wear again; similarly, website maintenance and website management are the two most important works once you made live your website. Without maintenance, it is impossible to run your website. However, website maintenanceincludes all the activities required to guarantee the operational integrity of your website. And, if you don’t do it the result will be pretty damaging especially, when your website is carrying your business.

Hype Media has a team exclusively for the website maintenance and website management; the team is build by selecting only experienced people who can solve all the minor and major issues by using their skills and experiences. Further, they always remain ready to answer your query.

Our expert team normally exercises following activities to maintain and run smoothly your website:

  • Regular monitoring your website performance
  • Change and updating the existing pages
  • As per the requirements addition of new functionality
  • Products Changes
  • Products Additions
  • Regular system updates and security check
  • Taking care of SEO performance reporting and do needful changes
  • Enhancement of anti-hacking security system
  • Cleaning the hacked and defaced website
  • Maintaining the report of visitors and analytics
  • Maintaining the automated offsite backups of the website, databases, access logs, and content
  • Updating products and catalogue
  • Content Changes
  • Pricing Changes
  • Updating calendar, events or any such kind of updates
  • Reviewing and correcting the broken links
  • Recommendations for further action if there is any need of such kind
  • Renewing hosting and domain registration

Some of these services including sales engine, payment gateway installations, event attendance system, and employee calling system are pretty popular across the country India as well as abroad. Surprisingly, most of these services are available at very competitive rate that will easily fit into your budget.

For the information on web development or any other services mentioned above, you can eitheremail us or else call, our expert will be pleased to answer your query.