Web Hosting

Web hosting is indispensible for running any sort of website; this is the way and technique through which you can live your website and make available across the world. So, web hosting, which is also known as internet hosting service facilitates you to make your website accessible through World Wide Web (WWW).

There are plenty of web hosting companies who provide space on a server for your use and also provide internet connectivity, characteristically in a data center. However, we at Hype Media provide comprehensive web hosting services starting from the domain registration to space on server. Further, we also provide our web hosting service for Linux+ windows hosting. Interestingly, along with these services, we also provide Email ID creations service; the number of Email Id is not fixed rather as much as you want we will provide you.

In addition, we have different plans for your different requirements; such as if you need our services for personal web pages (which is most popular), it is available at low budget. However, if you need this service for the complex website in such condition you need to take our comprehensive plan, which includes

database support along with application development platforms for example Java, ASP.NET, PHP etc. These facilities facilitate you to write or install scripts for many application including forums and content management. This is pretty popular for the e-commerce website and portals.

However, we also provide dedicated as well as shared server with Cpanel as per your requirements. The benefit of dedicated server is – it will give you the easy accessibility and with greater speed and hence your website will be open very fast anywhere of this world. Further, you can also update your files, create email Ids as per your requirements.

  • Domain Registeration
  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Email ID's Creation
  • Plans: 100MB | 400Mb | 1GB | 4GB | Unlimited
Moreover, whatever your purpose is – either you want web hosting service for single page or for the complex, you can eitheremail us or else call, our expert will be pleased to answer your query.