Exhibition & Signage

To attract the attention of visitors at your stall/products/services or any other business in a trade show or such kind of shows really need greater amount of planning and investment. However, fascinating signage and other graphic presentations is great technique to attract large number of people. A striking graphics, images, banners, promotional items or even video presentation are the potential techniques.

In the competitive world, irrespective of your business type, advertisement and promotion are the best marketing tools. However, it is also true that all these requires greater amount of investment. Hence, among these signage is comparatively low budget, but more attractive technique especially in trade show and other exhibitions.

Interestingly, we at Hype Media provide various types of signage and digital graphic presentation matching with your business at very competitive rate. Exclusively for your business, we offer following custom signage and other similar services at competitive rate:

  • Tension Fabric Signage
  • Digital Signage
  • Vinyl Signage
  • Floor Graphics
  • Backlit Signage
  • Banners and Posters
  • Brochures, Pamphlets, Business Cards, and other handouts
  • Multi-media Presentation (and many more especially on demands)

Further, we also have specialization in indoor and outdoor design for your business as well as personal events etc. So, we provide range of services including signage, billboards, vehicle wraps, and other environmental designs with sole intention to fascinate your customers.

Likewise, we have following services for your all sorts of businesses and events:

  • Various Types of Signage design including Way Finding Signage
  • Billboard Design
  • Vehicle Wrap Design
  • Gated subdivision Signage

Our services not end with the signage and exhibition, but rather we also offer digital marketing solution for your business. We promote your exhibition through digital media (i.e. social media marketing including facebook etc.) as well as print media (such as banner, pamphlets, designer brochures etc.). In addition, along with creating 3D design for your exhibition stalls offer fabrication works to deliver flyers, brochures, cards, promotional gifts such as caps, t-shirts, banners etc.

For the information on 3D floor-plan or 3D house plan you can either email us or else call, our expert will be pleased to answer your query.

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