Creative Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is highly important term in today’s competitive world, which develops over period of time. And, once you developed some identity of your business then that identity becomes the tool of your business. People buy your services or products because of your corporate identity. People see the label and not the quality because supplying consistently good quality your trade mark/logo etc, becomes identity.

Hence, corporate identity is nothing other than the logo, trademark, of such kind of visual elements, which are being used to promote your business and products. And, later on these techniques becomes your corporate identity. Because of the significance of these visual

elements, market experts say that the corporate identity, which reflects the history, beliefs, technology, people, strategies, and its ethical, cultural, and philosophical values is the core of an organization existence.

Furthermore, your corporate identity also determines the position of your organization in the competitive world. Therefore, every organization has a unique identity, which articulates the corporate ethos, aims, and values and reflects a sense of individuality that can be easily differentiated by the competitors as well as customers in the competitive market.

So, before, designing the logo, trade mark or any such kind of your business, you need to take care of it seriously. Designing of logo or trade mark is equivalent making the future of your company. We at Hype Media provide a creative service to develop a corporate identity for your company. Our experts primarily research about your company, business, and of course your interest and then combined them all to create a visual identity that ensures you that all your corporate communications are coherent with each other; not only this, further they also ensure that the creative identity is consistent with your company’s ethos and character as well.

Moreover, along with creative and unique corporate identity, we offer following services as well:

Power Point Presentation (PPT)

Our experts create fascinating power point presentation for you company/business. PPT includes flow charts, images, graphs, and some other attractions relevant to your topic. They also put related music and video that attract attention of people with higher degree and fulfills the purpose of presentation. Whatever the purpose of your PPT is – whether you want it to develop for your product marketing purpose, company profile or any other sort of branding purpose, we provide the best service.

Stationery Design

Fascinating Stationery is another significant marketing tool to develop your business. So, it is pretty important how to create the stationery used for your business including your business card, letter head/pad, envelopes, ID Cards, diaries, complement slips, or any such kind of stationery, our experts smart enough to create and design the stationery matching with your business. They know what should be the color combination, what should be the font size, they know which font should be given, and they also know how to place the text and attractive images or graphics. We also provide the hard copy/print of stationary of your choice.

Company Profile

Drafting of a company profile is an art, because once you start drafting, there are plenty of information; so, it is very difficult what to choose and what not to choose. Slight mistake can give bad effect to your profile. Since, profile is just presentation of your over all image and reputation, so you cannot compromise while drafting your company profile. Understanding the importance of the company profile, our experts provide very balance company profile. They take all the important information of your company and then draft succinctly. Not only this, they also take care of aesthetic look of the profile and render a highly worth and decisive company profile and in the end, we provide your company profile in soft as well as hard copy format.


If you are planning for a new business or want to accelerate to your existing business, we can help you by providing quality branding service. We help your business to grow fast by creating a new name, image, and other identity that fascinate the customers and compel them to buy your services.

The design and printing on gift items are so creative and mesmerizing that potentially make impact of your brand’s in customers’ mind.
Interestingly, to promote your brand, our experts create and develop unique and fascinating designs and imprint them on range of gift items including:

  • Mug
  • Cup
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Carry Bag
  • Bin Stand
  • Pen Drives
  • ID Cards
  • Wallets
  • Card Holder
  • Hoarding
  • Posters
  • Tissues
  • Diaries and many more...
For the information on 3D floor-plan or 3D house plan you can either email us or else call, our expert will be pleased to answer your query.

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