3D Product Modeling

Today, either in commercial buildings or personal homes, everywhere there is competitiveness in terms of making it more aesthetic, more adorable, and more pleasant and livable. However, it requires efficient 3D product modeling and delivery of large numbers of product variants. One-of-a-kind products or even a large number of fixed products including furniture often require specialized skills and customer specific engineering. Likewise, developing 3D home décor product is not an easy task; managing 3D interior products’ designing is a big job that Hype Media has been delivering for three years.

Hype Media offers and presents a method for managing large product families as a configurable product to deliver 3d product modeling service. Development and creation of such kind of 3D product modeling or even 3D furniture design requires a systematic and creative mind so that 3D design of respective home or commercial building can give a balanced and panoramic view.

Therefore, our specialized 3D product designers proficiently develop creative computer based 3D designs, which is further shared with the respective clients to take final approval; finally, with or without

modification, our experts render 3D modeling for product design.

Our 3d product modeling service has become pretty popular because it satisfies a wide range of customers’ requirements. Our 3D objects especially home décor products including lamps, shelves, tables, chair, sofa, bed, almirah, wardrobe, curtains and many more give real look with proper lightening and material feel. Further, it reduces costs and time and helps to actualize a fantasy design into reality or in other words, you can visualize the designs and overall look of the interiors of your home before building and fitting them in reality. The benefit of this is – you can do modification on 3D design itself that will save your time and money.

However, our qualified 3d product modeling services emphasize on:

Each deliverable 3D design as required and demanded by the customer
The 3D home décor product, which is designed with the help of advanced software to meet a given range of different customer requirements
Finally, take customers’ approval on sample before the delivery of final design
For the information on 3D floor-plan or 3D house plan you can either email us or else call, our expert will be pleased to answer your query.